Gandola Landscape and Lawn Care, Inc.’s landscaping division wants your landscape to be your ideal environment, and whether we help accomplish this by creating a stunning landscape of lush grass, trees and shrubs along with beautiful flower displays or by maintaining your investment with weekly maintenance at your residential/commercial property We assure you that Gandola Landscape and Lawn Care, Inc. will help make your landscape beautiful down to the last detail. Being a full-service landscaping company, we are committed to being the best at what we do and with extensive equipment and experience, we’re well on our way to achieving our goal; because not only do we install some of the most innovative and stunning designs, but we also help maintain them so they stay beautiful all year round. Services that the landscape division offers include:

* Install new or repair existing irrigation system
* Provide nutrients into existing soil
* Installing local grown sod, trees, shrubs
   annual/perennial color
* Installing pavers and various other
   hardscape material
* Install fountains
* Install drains for proper draining
* Installation of special request items